Film Industry Fund Donates to Astra School for the disabled


Deputy Principal Melanie Mabotha along with the school librarian and fund administrator Rudi Riek

Today the Film Industry Fund delivered 263 new books to the Astra School for disabled children in Montana. These books where purchased at a cost of R10 000,00 from Biblionef SA, another NGO who donate books to organisations in need. By purchasing these books from Biblionef we not only gave the Astra School good quality South African themed books but the money Biblionef generates through book sales enables them to donate more books to other causes.
Biblionef was established in France in 1989 by Max Vegelin van Claerbergen, a former Dutch ambassador. It is an international network of independent non-profit organisations and there are currently five depots worldwide – the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Suriname (South America) and South Africa, serving children worldwide with book donations.
The South African organisation is the only one on the African continent and came into being in 1998, with the financial assistance of the international Biblionef body and the government of the Netherlands. Its overarching goal is to provide access to good storybooks to children.
Biblionef SA is a NPC (non-profit company) that operates according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s (UNESCO) Book Donation Charter.
This donation was made out of the communal fund and was a suggestion by our friends at Reach for a Dream.


Some of the kids getting ready for a story in the library


Photo courtesy of Biblionef SA showing examples of some of the titles given to the Astra School today