Film Industry Fund Rescuer One handed to NSRI





On Saturday 28th October 2017 Film Industry Fund Rescuer One was handed to The NSRI in Strandfontein. This donation was valued at R250 000,00

NSRI Station 16 situated at Strandfontein beach covers an area from Monwabisi to St. James which is a significant portion of False Bay and also an area inundated with bathers in the summer season. This area is also an area which contains many beaches often used by the Film Industry. Film Industry Fund Rescuer One will allow Station 16 to put up a satellite station at Monwabisi for the festive season and have a unit at Strandfontein which will mean that their response time to potential drowning will significantly decrease. The fact that this vessel is jet operated will also mean that the potential for injury to bathers will be removed as this unit can navigate safely past the bathers to perform a rescue but also to be used for crowd control in the swimming areas.
This is only the second such unit in operation on South Africa’s coastline; the other rescuer is deployed in Plettenberg Bay.