Public FAQ

Q:Is it mandatory for Production Companies to contribute to the Fund?

A: No, companies contribute to the fund on a voluntary basis, it is our hope that every company operating in South Africa would eventually voluntarily contribute to the fund and we would like to ask the public to encourage companies filming in their area to consider contributing to the fund.

Q: How do I know if a company is contributing to the fund?

A: Each contributing company will be issued with a certificate indicating that they are a contributor to the fund, companies are encouraged to provide residents with a copy of this certificate when they do their letter drop to you.

Q: How do we access these funds?

A: The residents associations and Ward Councilors will be notified when the fund is in operation and individuals can approach their local residents association or ward councilor with projects and the Ward Councillor or Residents association chairperson can approach the fund to release funds for specific projects. If your ward councilor or association chairperson is not aware of the project yet please ask them to mail us for more details.

Q: How much money does a company contribute each time they film in my neighbourhood?

A: The amount charged is based on the size of the shoot, in order to keep the Fund viable companies are charged a realistic fee when a permit is issued by the City of Cape Town.

Micro Shoots – no charge

Small Shoots – R250 per permit per day

Medium Shoots – R500 per permit per day

Large Shoots  – R750 per permit per day

Very Large Shoots – R1000 per permit per day

(size determined on permit issued to production company)

The total amount however will not go towards your specific community as the funds are split as follows:

50% goes to the community directly affected

35% goes into a communal fund to be used in disadvantaged areas

15% goes towards administering the fund

Companies are requested to pay the above amounts as a minimum contribution to the fund, there can be instances when companies decide to contribute more to the fund based on their impact.

Q: How do we know how much money has been contributed for our area?

A: The Ward Councilor for your area will receive a monthly statement indicating how much money is available for your specific area

Q: What kind of projects will be approved

A: Because the Film Industry Fund NPC is in the process of registering as a PBO (Public Benefit Organization) all funds may only be spent on projects which fall within the PBO guidelines.

Q: Who is my ward councilor?

A: Click Here to see a list of ward councilors and their contact details