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The Film Industry Fund NPC currently concentrates on Productions taking place in and around Cape Town in the Western Cape.

Currently the Fund is endorsed by The Western Cape Provincial Government, The City of Cape Town,  The South African Association of Stills Producers and many individual Commercial Production companies

Production Companies

All companies that film on location in Cape Town are encouraged to contribute to this fund.


Production Company signs up as contributor to the fund and completes form giving fund administrator permission to access permits.

  1. Fund administrator supplies the Cape Town Film Permit office with the signed document
  2. Cape Town Film Permit Office forwards all permits generated for specific production company to the fund administrator
  3. Fund administrator generates invoice based on the size of the production and amount of days on location per shoot (maximum 5 days charge – any period longer than this to be negotiated with community)
  4. Micro Shoots – no charge
  5. Small Shoot – R250 per day
  6. Medium Shoot – R500 per day
  7. Large Shoot – R750 per day
  8. Very Large Shoot – R1000 per day
  9. Production company pays the invoice into the fund’s bank account
  10. Any Proposals for projects which meet the Public benefit activities list and is within The City of Cape Town considered by the board of directors.

Suppliers to the Film Industry and Individuals.

Suppliers to and individuals within the South African Film Industry are encouraged to make annual contributions to the Film Industry Fund NPC because it is in the best interest of all companies and individuals associated with the Film Industry to ensure the sustainability of the industry by contributing towards the community. All donations made by suppliers and individuals will go directly into the communal fund which will be used for projects in the poorer communities surrounding Cape Town. Suppliers can make any size donation they choose.

Email us for more details on supplier contributions.