Why Should I?


Where does your Money Go?

Because the majority of filming takes place in affluent areas The Film Industry Fund NPC will ring fence 35% of your contribution to be distributed to areas where it is most needed with 50% of your contribution going to the area in which you film and only 15% will be used to administer the fund.

Why should you contribute to the Fund?

1. It is hoped that by giving back to the community the image of our industry as perceived by the community will gradually change and communities will welcome our presence.

2. It is a safe and legitimate way to give back to the community

3. Your contribution could make a real difference in the lives of other people

4. Our fund makes it easy to budget for a legitimate contribution

5. You will receive a certificate which you can present to residents providing proof that you contribute to the fund, this will make it easier for your production to convince residents to allow your shoot to continue.

6. We are in the process of registering the fund as a Public Benefit Organization which will entitle the contributors to claim their contribution back from SARS.